Splatter – Coming to Steam in June!

We got a new Splatter trailer! It shows some of the new content of the upcoming Steam release: enhanced and rebalanced Story mode, Achievements, Cloud Saving, friendlist-specific Leaderboards, improved graphics and sounds. Full Voiceover is still in the works.

Green Light for Splatter!

This is incredible! Thanks to your support our game Splatter got greenlit! Thank you all sooo much!

We’re already working on the next update. It will bring new content and improved functions, and of course it will be free to current players like any update before. Now we’re also going to integrate all the nice Steam features such as Achievements, friendlist-specific leaderboards, Cloud Savegames and Trading Cards. I’ll show more as we progress.

Splatter is greenlit

Cool new Game Bundle of Greenlight Games

It feels like preaching to the choir :-) Yet I have the duty and also the honor to inform you about a cool new Indie Games bundle called Indie Meadow! For a price of your choice you get Splatter and six other nice games, all of which also need your support at Steam Greenlight!.

And feel free to tell your friends at your favourite Games forum, the social media of your choice or wherever you may roam :-) I’d be grateful eternally!

Spanish, Portuguese, Polish!

The new Splatter update brings translations to three more European languages! All dialogue, descriptions and menus are now available in Polish, Spanish and Portuguese! In addition to English and German, of course :-) You can get the update at the Downloads page.

A million thanks to the helpful translators!
Portuguese: Rui Nunes

Polish: Iron Squad – www.ironsquad.pl
Tomasz “blattdorf” Błaut – Krystian “Len” Machnik – Piotr “dero” Zych – Adam “ARKaM” Miłosz

Spanish: Charles “Excess” Daniels – Georgina Malagrino